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French Words To Travel By: At the Market – Les tomatoes

les tomates

Tomatoes in a bowlIn the summer, the local French markets are teeming with vendors selling big juicy tomatoes right off the farm. They smell and taste just like the ones I remember from my youth and it’s impossible to get back to the villa with them all in tact. But we do save enough to stuff and bake for Les Tomates Provencal or to make a Tomato Tarte.

les tomates, f, (tomatoes) from the Spanish word “tomate.”


Illustration by Judi Janofsky


French Words To Travel By: In the Café – le café au lait

le café au lait

French coffee served at a cafe
No matter where we are in France or home in the states, we love to go by a cafe and have a rich and creamy café au lait. It’s the perfect drink to sip while we’re doing some people watching along the village streets in Provence.

le café au lait, m. (coffee with milk), a French coffee drink made with espresso coffee and steamed milk and usually served in a white porcelain cup or bowl.


Illustration by Judi Janofsky

French Words To Travel By: In the Café – a croissant

Le Croissant

French CroissantOne of our favorite things to do in Provence is to go to a local café for breakfast (le petit dejeuner) and order a coffee and a croissant, the wonderful fragrant and decadent pastry that literally melts in your mouth. Life is good.

le croissant
, m, (croissant) a flaky, buttery crescent-shaped French puff pastry often served with jam for a continental breakfast.


Illustration by Judi Janofsky

French Word to Travel by: à bientôt

When the French say goodbye to a friend, they often say:

à bientôt!  

Which means “See you soon”  or “Bye for now.” It’s the Italian version of “Ciao.”